Review of website monitoring service Overview

Website Pulse is one of the website monitoring services that is available 24/7 and serves numerous customers with their uptime website monitoring services every day. This website monitoring company has been in business since 2000 and they have never been listed as a scam or a fraud.

Website Pulse Rating

Website Pulse receives a five star rating and the usual Website Pulse will back up these feelings. Customers seem to be pleased with the quality of their website monitoring services and there have also not been any complaints about the prices that they are charging for their website monitoring services. Not to mention the fact that they have been listed as one of the trusted website monitoring services as well. Special Features

Server and Network Monitoring – monitors 24/7 any type of server and network device connected to the Internet as often as every minute.

Website Monitoring – monitors and measures performance and availability of web sites up to every minute from a Global monitoring network..

Web Transaction Monitoring – monitors and measures performance and availability of complex multi-step web transactions and the web applications they use to ensure they are functioning properly and deliver excellent performance.

Email Round-Trip Monitoring – verifies that your incoming and outgoing email services are working from and end-to-end perspective.

Is  a Scam?

Based on reviews there does not seem to be any scam or fraud taking place within this website monitoring services company.