Webmon.com Review

webmon review

About Webmon.com

Website monitoring is usually used by businesses to make sure that uptime, functionality and performance of a site is as expected. Website monitoring is a process of testing and verifying the way end-users can interact with websites and web applications as expected. Webmon.com as a website monitoring service provides organizations with an ability to consistently monitor functioning and response of their website or servers.

It conducts monitoring from a number of locations around the world to specific websites or servers so as to detect issues relating to general internet latency, issues of network hop and pinpointing errors. It then provides variety of reports to its clients regarding tests on their websites.

When Webmon detects an error, it sends out some alerts via ways such as email, pager, phone, SMS or SNMP trap.  It relays information that might include diagnostic information like network trace route or code capture of web page HTML file. Some clients might also require screen shot of webpage and even videos of website fail. The diagnostics are helpful to network administrators and webmasters as they enable them to correct these issues faster.

Webmon.com monitoring gathers data on website performance such as server response time and page element performance which in turn is analyzed and further used for optimizing website performance.

Why Use Webmon.com

Webmon constantly monitors your website , DNS, REST APIs and more letting you to be first to know if your service is down. It has website monitoring features allowing you to search for string matches in the response body, append additional headers, compare HTTP response codes, authenticate, post, delete and do much more as per all flexibility you require.

It provides charts that show the actual time when errors occurred and when outages were declared. The raw data in retained for a full year hence   you will not be provided with averages and aggregation. Webmon.com target dependency support helps to avoid multiple escalations from going out when targets are dependent on each other.

Webmon Dashboard and Escalations

Webmon dashboards allow creating and customizing of graphs by including different target measurement values that compare performance and uptime from different regions.

Webmon.com multi level escalation policies notifies at right time reducing alert noise during outage. It includes:

  • Unlimited SMS support covering all paid plans
  • Multi-stage support
  • Integration
  • Flexible maintenance window configurations

There are various pricing plans such as starter, startup and business for clients to choose what suits them.

Downside of Webmon.com

Webmon.com is not one those services that are easy to reach via live chat. It also does not provide much information about its service in an appealing to read format on its website.

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