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About mission is to influence future of the systems management and moniotoring with some thought provoking technologies. It was established by an industry expert in ICT, Calvin Wells. It has 10 global monitoring locations, interactive real-time dashboard that is updated every 60 seconds and multiple notification options to facilitate global perspective of availability and performance of websites.

Thought Prov provides on call scheduling of multiple users. It has start& stop dates and times.  It combats false alerts by engaging the global locations to collaborate and validate assertions of each other.  Customers get email and voice alerts when there is need to notify them about their sites. If it identifies significant change or misdirecting of content, a screenshot will automatically be taken and alerts generated for more evaluation.

You can browse website monitoring information library to view live demonstration of site monitoring dashboard. Registration for website monitoring is free and monitoring uptime of two websites every 15 minutes begins immediately. Services

Thought Prov website monitoring includes:

  • Website up-time:  It is implemented to actively probe webpage for availability. It probes if a site is unresponsive, offline or has missing content. Notifications are then generated and sent to responsible parties so that they engage reactive response strategies.
  • Website performance: When monitoring a website for availability, it brings opportunities for capturing and measuring other useful metrics. These include page size, name lookup and response time among others. Additional metrics provide useful data   you can aggregate for trend analysis, reporting or leveraging for threshold monitoring.
  • Real user monitoring: Offers opportunities to gather info on additional performance data directly from browser of real users. It is only engaged after a visitor loads page in a browser. It collects load-time data providing accurately represented data, unconstructive collection routines without skewing results or precluding the site from loading at real-time speed.
  • Website change: It involves monitoring change events such as content size, availability, and response time or http response codes. Change events are logged and categorized to allow further analysis. Data presented in chronologic sequence of events, graphically or reporting formats to help trend analysis, event correlation or root cause analysis.

Communication and Support has gone to great length to ensure its system is easily available and fault tolerant. Its support staff is on call 24/7. A built-in ticketing system immediately routes and assigns questions, problems and feature requests. You just log in and submit ticket from dashboard or send email.

Downside of

Thought Prov home page tries to portray its services in form of graphs and charts making the content hard to comprehend for laymen. The copyright year of 2013 makes it seem like the information is not current.

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