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It is one thing to monitor a website but to find best way to alert you about downtime is another thing. is a UK based website monitoring service that offers even more ways to get downtime alerts. It gives you many options as possible for deciding when and how frequent you will be contacted. You can be contacted by email, text messages or push notifications for Android and iOS.  You can also be notified through integrating with third party apps such as PagerDuty and Zapier.

StatusCake is a global network with monitoring centers located throughout the world. It has centers across Europe, Australia, North America and Asia. Many of these centers support IPv6 therefore you can choose the location from where your website uptime should be monitored from and how often it should be done. has feature rich monitoring as it knows feature crammed reliable website monitoring for anyone writing a blog, running small online business or large organization. It believes that advanced features do not have to come with royal-price tag. Unlike most competing companies, it offers more uptime monitoring feature at lower cost.


  • Personal service: Status Cake believes in personal touch. Its founders and support team will regularly contact customers to get feedback that is uses to improve uptime monitoring and come up with new features.
  • Truly global monitoring: locations around globe at each major continent enable you know about performance issues no matter the country from where they stem from.
  • Genuine Alerts: All the tests use internal unique SureAlert system that has proven to eradicate false positives.  Upon detecting moment of downtime, it is confirmed with several other servers in same location. StatusCake only sends alert if these servers agree on the issue.  To date, there has never been a confirmed false positive from StatusCake. When servers do not agree, the test will go to an advanced system of checks to make sure that downtime is not missed.

Other features include:

  • Domain monitoring
  • Real browser testing
  • SSL certificate monitoring
  • Malware and virus scanning
  • Easy integrations with the best
  • Public reporting
  • Live updating dashboard
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Maintenance windows Customer Support believes in providing outstanding customer service.  It is easy to reach on live chat Twitter, Facebook and email with answers to all queries coming quickly.

Downside of

The copyright for information on is 2014 therefore one cannot tell if there are new developments to service provision or if it has not improved anything since then. Status Cake also has reserved a right to terminate agreements within 24 hours which might be inconveniencing.

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