Review of website monitoring service Overview

Pingdom is one of the Swedish website monitoring services that is available to customers online. Pingdom is available 24/7 around the clock and they are even considered to be one of the best website monitoring companies in Sweden. Not to mention the fact that they are ranked as one of the best website monitoring services against numerous other companies. They have even been operational since 2005.

Pingdom Rating reviews indicate that they deserve a four star rating. However, they do offer a Pingdom discount which indicates that they are not a rip off. reviews are not easily found but the ones that you are fortunate to run by do say some amazing things about their website uptime monitoring services. Special Features

When asked about their services they are unable to categorize each phase of the process and they also really do not have their services listed at all. They provide you with a whole page of your rewards but nothing that seems to be of any value.

Is Pingdom a Scam?

Pingdom scam is not something that is going on. reviews indicate that they have been in business for quite some time and they even offer their 30 day free trial.