Review of website monitoring service Overview

Key Note is one of the website monitoring services available that has other additional services available that many website owners just love. They are an experienced website monitoring service that has been providing uptime monitoring services along with other services for website monitoring for 15 years. Not to mention the fact that they have a very large base of clients who leave usual reviews of stating how fantastic their website monitoring services are.

Key Note Rating

Key Note deserves a five star rating based on the reviews that can be found throughout the web. No one has ever listed them as a rip-off during the 15 years that they have been in business so this is definitely something that is considered important – even more important than whether or not they have a discount. Special Features

  • On-demand, hassle-free, and highly reliable web performance monitoring infrastructure
  • Complete end-to-end monitoring coverage across all major backbones
  • Fast, efficient triage and root-cause analysis

Is Key Note a Scam?

Key Note appears to be one of the more established website monitoring services and based on the reviews of Key Note there is no way that a scam or fraud could be taking place.