Review of website monitoring service Overview

Internetseer is one of the website monitoring services that have been listed as one of the best website monitoring services. They make sure that 1,000 of website are monitored each day and are alerted the very second that their website is down. There website monitoring uptime skills are what leads them to be one of the top website monitoring services in the online world. Not to mention the fact that they are made up of an team of professional and experienced people who have been working towards your website monitoring success since 2000. That is definitely some experience under their belt and you can easily see that reviews collaborate their website monitoring services.

Internetseer Rating

Based on the usual review they are currently at a five star rating. No one has ever mentioned that they were a rip-off and there is also the fact that they have discount available for people interested in their website monitoring services as well. Special Features

  • Monitored Items
  • Monitored Frequency
  • Contacts To Be Alerted
  • Connect Time
  • Real-Time Error and Recovery Notification
  • False Alarm Protection
  • Weekly Performance Email Reports

Is Internetseer a Scam?

Based on the reviews there does not seem to be an internetseer dot com scam or an fraud taking place.