gotsitemonitor review

Website monitoring is first solution for the clients to combat the downtime and reduce impact of visitors. Search engines will penalize search results ranking for slow websites producing poor experience for users. This is something that helps site owners to avoid by providing site monitoring from multiple locations.

Website monitoring is essential especially if your website is for business as a high percentage of commercial decisions begin with online search. Frequent downtime will put reputation of your online business in jeopardy. A website makes you to have worldwide audience therefore a good brand image is important for customer satisfaction. You therefore need to constantly protect your brand image. Website monitoring is best way of preventing unwanted hazards such as downtime.


Got Site Monitor is efficient because it has global monitoring network that enables site monitoring from multiple locations. It has 12 monitoring locations in 4 continents for flexible monitoring location configuration. enables you to achieve the following:

  • Track website performance
  • Monitor downtime/slowness of website
  • Check SSL secure certificate
  • Check webpage content
  • Industry leading monitoring interval
  1. Instant notifications: GotSiteMonitor makes you the first person to know if there are issues with your server. You will get notifications through SMS and phone calls. You are also entitled to free email alerts.
  2. Server Monitoring: monitors numerous issues including FTP file transfer service, email services Smtp/Pop3/Imap, network ping latency and setting up maintenance window.
  3. Monitoring reports: provides monitoring reports that help to keep track of site uptime, spot trends in its performance, summary report and monitor the logs.

This data helps to reduce frequent downtime issues that lead to loss of sales.  It also helps to keep customers satisfied which is more crucial for clients with subscriptions to services or products that can only access through your website.

Pricing Plans   has various types of price plans for clients to choose the one that suits their requirements. You can choose one of these plans:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Advanced
  • Enterprise

Apart from free plan, monthly prices range from $4.95 for basic plan to $49.95 for enterprise plan. The difference between the types is number of monitors, monitoring interval, monitor types, notification alerts, history data, user accounts and monitoring locations.  There is a 30-day free trial for all paid plans. You can downgrade, upgrade or cancel a plan at any time. Downside website has very minimal information about its service. There is also reliance on independent telecommunication services beyond Got Site Monitor control yet it declares that they can interrupt services but it does not take responsibility for any incurred loss or deduct bill for interrupted period.

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