downnotifier review

About is an application that monitors whether the website of a user is functioning and online. It notifies the user if the website goes down and is offline.

According to creator Marijin Otte, the app launched in 2012 and it serves about 500 users.  Marijin a web developer created the app after failing to find a good easy downtown service. He therefore created Downnotifier with simplicity in mind and it met this goal in addition to serving his needs.

Unlike most website monitoring services, this is a free application. It checks a website of user every 5 minutes. There is also the option of premium monitoring that costs just $10 per year.  The difference from free monitoring is that a website is checked every 1 minute. For many users, free plan is enough for their website monitoring needs.

How Is Different from Other Website Monitoring Services?

Many apps are available for users to see if a site is offline or “down” or if the issue is within their computer or network. The superiority of the competitors is that there is more information on the site to explain what is being provided. They also monitor network performance and other IT issues.

According to the founder, Downnotifier is set apart by its simplicity. By only requiring URL and email, the app is streamlined without further registration. A user can manage URLs with a link provided in any down notifications. For the free version, checking is every 5 minutes. It is a higher frequency than many other services.  The app   sends notifications through email. There is option to get notified if a site is down or is not having certain text. Registration Process

Users enter website address of a site they like to be monitored and email address for purpose of notification. A confirmation email will be sent to activate monitoring process. This process is similar for both free and premium plan. True to the words of its creator, is quite simple to use.  After registering, you do not need to do anything else on the site.  It just begins to monitor your site for downtime and generates an email if this happens.

Downside of

Although gives it a clean bill, the problem with is lack of information regarding it, impetus for creation of app or other information save for how to use this app. It is common for users to appreciate background information about a company before they entrust monitoring of their websites.   Background information about Downnotifier will put it in the league of other free website monitoring services that provide complete information about themselves.

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