anturis review


Anturis was founded in 2013 to help people monitor their IT infrastructures.  The founders are successful IT entrepreneurs and venture investors with each one having over 15 years experience in this field. This team of 3 is backed by seasoned software engineers and IT experts who have all worked for top global IT companies.

The launch of Anturis was several months of open beta.  Currently it serves thousands of companies situated at various parts of the world who rely on it to monitor their respective IT infrastructures.

IT plays a crucial role in health and development of virtually all businesses thus it is very critical to have constant watching over IT infrastructure both for small and larger enterprises. This is where comes   in as its mission is to simplify IT management as well as make it efficient and affordable.

It does simple site checking to more exhaustive monitoring of servers and software without complications. This in turn helps IT pros to be in control of IT infrastructure that they manage.

Anturis also deals with monitoring of:

  • Networks
  • Full page load
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Mail server
  • Active directory
  • JVM

Advantages of Website Monitoring powerful website monitoring helps you to:

  • Constantly check availability and performance of a website, webpage constant and SSL/TLS certificate expiration
  • Monitor full page load time
  • Monitor web transactions
  • Monitor internal IT systems for better understanding of causes to problems and quicker troubleshooting
  • Get alerts in case of any problems via email, voice call or SMS.

The result of monitoring is that you will get enough information to see to it that the level of your service meets and exceeds expectations. Monitoring also provides an opportunity to identify problems before they affect performance.

Benefits IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Anturis is novel monitoring solution enabling customers to:

  • Increase control and visibility: Monitoring brings about an opportunity to know what is happening with IT operations and can be depended upon for instant reliable alerts if any problems will arise.
  • Reduced effort: provides an easy to set and use solution avoiding needless complexity and the time spent to get up to speed.
  • Reduce cost: Anturis provides hosted monitoring platform eliminating need for allocating extra hardware resources, installation and maintenance of additional software.

Downsides of

Anturis uses third party hosting partners and vendors to provide necessary software, networking, hardware and related technology needed to run a service yet it does not take any responsibility for failures that are attributed to these third parties.

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